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There are chronological gaps where I have had technical difficulties and was unable to post my letters. There are gaps between June and October of 2008. The letters pick up in November 2008 with letter #105 and continue through March 2009 with letter #125. In April I had a very serious difficulty that was never resolved for the remainder of 2009. During that time we traveled along the eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine and back again.

Currently we are back in California where I was able to get the technical problems fixed. Now I am once again able to post to my web site. In the months ahead, I will endeavor to fill in the missing journal letters.

Welcome to Letters From A Bus.  ~Elsa. 04/20/10


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Madison River

Monday, April 19, 2010
Maple Leaf RV Park, Morgan Hill, CA

Life in Morgan Hill

Tuesday, March 16.  Our Honda CR-V gets bashed in a parking lot.
I’m always wary about being in a traffic accident but it never occurred to me that my car would be attacked in the parking lot at Dinah’s while I had lunch with friends.  But that’s what happened.  I came up to Palo Alto for a 1:30 pm dental hygiene appointment at Foothill College.  I arranged to meet Dona and Joann for lunch at Dinah’s at 11:00 am.  It was our first warm day and the first day we’d been able to sit at an outdoor table.  We enjoyed our sense of springtime while we caught up on our news over lunch.

At 12:30 pm when we walked out to our cars, I found the front of my Honda demolished.  I was pulled up facing the sidewalk that borders the Trader Vic Restaurant at it’s eastern exposure.  Parked on the corner next to an end cap island I had the protection of a huge cedar tree planted in the island.  How could anyone hit the front of my car?  The cars parked in my row face west. 

Parking spaces on the other side of the island face north and are on a 90° angle to the spaces where I was parked.  They also pull up to the sidewalk that borders Trader Vic at its southern exposure.

A woman entered the parking lot traveling east and she intended to make a 90° left turn to park.  She missed.  She pulled in on an obtuse angle headed straight towards the front of my car.  She hopped the curb so that her front wheels were up on the sidewalk when she hit high on the front hood of the Honda, well above the fender.  (No, it wasn’t a Toyota.  She was driving a Ford Taurus.)   ...read more...

Top Ten
Best Letters From A Bus (April 2008

Top Four: Travel Blog Blues

Accident Report,
Dateline, Monday, May 21, 2007, Hunstville, AL.
UNDER HOUSE ARREST. Margot and Rudi Walton accused of Grand Theft Auto and Willful Property Damage. Half brother and sister worked in tandem to drive truck. Two small dogs, each weighing less than thirteen pounds, are being held for questioning after they hijacked a Ford 250 turbo diesel pickup truck from their ow ners, Elsa and Dennis Walton
. ...read more....

We Drive to the Birthplace of our Allegro Bus, July 2, 2007, Red Bay, AL. On our first long trek we struggle to locate campground entrances on narrow roads while negotiating our 62' length and pulling a tow car. We learn about campground sites that are not level. Elsa looks up a high school classmate and we explore Dahlonega, a gold town in Georgia. We lose our windshield wipers in a heavy rain downpour on the freeways of Birmingham, AL and discover a haven in a Wal*Mart parking lot. ...read more....

Technical Problems on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26, 2007, Santa Fe, NM. We explore the downtown plaza of Santa Fe and enjoyed visiting with friends. At 5:30 AM on Thanksgiving morning it was 45° inside the bus and 23° outside. This is when we discovered that we had no heat. We celebrated Thanksgiving in a warm home but the next day in our bus we woke up to snow outside and a very cold interior. We had to wait until Monday to fix the problem. ...read more....

Run of Bad Luck, Dec. 10, 2007, Las Cruces, NM. We set out to do some Christmas shopping in Las Cruces and suffer a traffic accident in our Honda. We move to El Paso where we collect damage estimates for insurance. We enjoy Cattleman's Restaurant at Indian Wells and dislike our visit to Juarez, Mexico. ...read more....

Top Six: Travel Blog Red Letter Days

We Move Into Our New Bus, May 17, 2007, Huntsville, AL. We take possession of our new home and learn how to take care of it. ...read more....

Florida Tourists, June 24, 2007, St. Augustine, FL. While visiting with my brother and his wife, we tour Cape Kennedy, the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and the Aligator Farm. We walk on the white beaches and hang out to watch sunset on the dock. ...read more....

Bus Improvements, July 16, 2007, Red Bay, AL. At the Allegro Campground we have warrenty work done by Spartan, apply a Diamond Shield to the bus cap, and hire a Tiffin employee to do custom cabinet work on the interior of our bus for greater storage space. ...read more....

We Visit Memphis, St. Louis and Kansas City, July 23, 2007, Kansas City, KS. We stop in Memphis to see the Riverwalk, visit Graceland, and tour Chucalissa. In St. Louis we spend a day at the Riverfront Gateway Arch. Then we drive to Kansas to visit my cousins. ...read more....

Revisiting Eugene and Exploring Ashland, September 3, 2007, Ashland, OR. I explored the town and campus at my alma mater, University of Oregon in Eugene and hooked up with a sorority sister. At Emigrant Lake in Ashland we hid out and rested over the Labor Day weekend. ...read more....

Discovering Las Cruces, December 1, 2007, Las Cruces, NM. We relax at Sunny Acres RV Park, discover the old town of La Masilla and enjoy dinner at La Posta. We learn about the Chihuahua Desert, tour the White Sands Missle Range Park and Museum and discover the incredible gypsum dune field at White Sands National Monument. ...read more....

Where We've Camped
September 2008

Top Five
Favorite Attractions We've Visited
April 2008

Red Bay

Apache Junction
Lake Havasu City
Sun City

Mountain View


St. Augustine

Villa Rica


Bonner Springs (Kansas City)

St. Louis

Great Falls
Three Forks
WhiteSulphur Sp.

Las Vegas

New Mexico
Las Cruces
Santa Fe



El Paso


Green River

01 Bryce National Park,
Bryce Canyon, UT, April 26, 200
We stayed near Hatch at Cherokee Springs Golf and RV Park and spent more than a month exploring all of the remarkable Bryce Canyon Country.  Bryce Canyon itself is viewed from the eastern edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau where it drops off thousand foot cliffs along an 18-mile scenic drive where we could view giant amphitheaters below.  We also rode mules down into the amphitheaters to the bottom of one of the canyons. The amazing and enchanting fairyland stone shapes carved out of the sandstone each add to a stunning panorama.  East of Bryce Canyon is the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  We drove on SR-12, an All American Road, as far as the small town of Boulder.  It is a vast arid area that features more amazing stone shapes in mountains and river canyons in a variety of colors.  We also explored Mt. Dutton and much of the Paunsaugunt Plateau between the forks of the Sevier River.  ...read more....

02 Cape Canaveral: Then & Now Tour,
Cape Kennedy, FL, June 20, 2007

I remember everything we read in the news and saw on those old grainy black and white TV screens. To see where all this happened was really wonderful. We stopped at all the historic launch pads. The tour finished at the Apollo/Saturn V Center where we were escorted into a "you-are-there" theatrical presentation that let us relive key moments in a control room — the liftoff of the first manned Saturn V rocket and the first manned landing on the Moon. This ìexperience museum: is terrific. Later we admired the worldís largest indoor artifact — the extraordinary Saturn V rocket. ...read more....

03 Glacier National Park
West Glacier, MT, August 19, 2008

We stayed near Essex at Glacier Meadows RV Park for a week.  The impact of being surrounded by these beautiful snowcapped mountain peaks is beyond description.  We were located on SR-2 between the East and West Gates of Glacier National Park.  Of course we drove along the amazing fifty-mile Going-to-the-Sun Road where we witnessed the phenomenal views of carved out glaciated mountain valleys and peaks.  We also spent time simply driving and sightseeing around the park.  We drove past the East Gate to admire the beautiful glacial Lake McDonald at the beginning of the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  We drove west to see the both Two Medicine Lakes and then up to the end of the Going-to-the-Sun Road to see the both Lake Maryl lakes.  We also visited the Many Glacier areas and we enjoyed looking at the many old lodges that were spotted a horse ride distance apart between these scenic areas for early 20th C. tourists. ...read more....

04. White Sands
Alamagordo, NM, November 30, 2007
The beauty and breadth and extent of these glistening white sand dunes will always stay in my memory. It was an incredible sight. We spent more than an hour in the museum learning about the worldís largest gypsum dune field (hydrous calcium sulfate) that has engulfed 275 square miles of desert. Located within an "internally drained valley" called the Tularosa Basin, the dunes originate from an ephemeral lake — a playa with a very high mineral content. Thank goodness the National Monument has preserved this unique dune field. ...read more....

05. Zion National Park
Springdale, UT, April 18, 2008

We stayed near Hurricane at Sand Hollow State Park and spent almost two weeks driving the 270-mile Zion Canyon loop from Hurricane east on SR-9 along the Virgin River and through the famous Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel carved out of the mountain rocks above Zion Canyon.  We drove north up US-89 and west on SR-14 through the Duck Lake and Cedar Breaks area and down to Cedar City, then turned south on I-15 back to St. George and Hurricane.  We spent time walking and hiking within the narrow Zion Canyon beneath those tall, imposing cliffs and we also drove above them on the beautiful Kolob Terrace Road.  The shapes and colors of the sandstone in the surrounding mountains and monoliths are imposing and beautiful.  ...read more....